Current Exhibition:

Join us October 2 at Kirks’ Grocery between the hours of 3-9 pm and enjoy this collaboration between galleries, cities, and people.

Daniel Green, Bertha Otoya, Ethel Rivita, and Hung Kei Shui from San Francisco non-profit Creativity Explored come with passionate repetitions and patterned text. Kirks’ Grocery responds with Neltje, Mary Serbe, Shane de Leon, and Ellen Kuntz whose work has similar rhythms.

“I was trading zines in the early 90s and was lucky to trade with Harold Fletcher who was helping publish Whippersnapper Nerd with Creativity Explored in San Francisco. I have visited CE at least 15 times over the last 25 years and can hardly believe that Kirks’ Grocery is collaborating with this great organization that has enhanced many lives through the power and freedom of expression for all people. So here we have four Creativity Explored artists and four artists we work with at Kirks’. Knocking it out of the park again.” –Shane de Leon

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We are an art gallery and all ages performance space located in Billings, Montana dedicated to showing contemporary art from local, regional, national, and international artists that fall outside of the typical Western Art that is associated with Montana galleries.

Our philosophy of giving unusual art a platform extends to the performance space where Kirks’ hosts DIY all ages shows and events featuring everything from spoken word poetry to experimental musical performances and DIY touring musicians along with independent film and documentaries.

Kirks’ is a community oriented center for all ages and abilities. We now offer the chance to become a member and support us in a number of capacities. You can purchase a monthly membership that gets you admission to every event, you can volunteer to work the door, sell refreshments, and help set up for the musical performances.

This is your community and Kirks’ Grocery is a creative force for positive change. Let’s do it together.