Current Exhibition

Ubiquitous: john kennedy & Shane de leon | june 7 - july 20

Opening reception: Friday, June 7, 5–9 pm (during ArtWalk) with delicious bites by Chef Ashley Woodward. Kirks’ Grocery proudly presents UBIQUITOUS: John Kennedy & Shane De Leon, which juxtaposes new work from two of Billings' most improvisational and ubiquitous artists, featuring works that have veered off from the artists’ representational roots to embrace immediacy and abstraction. What John Kennedy really wants in his art and life is to connect. The seeds of his visual art and writing are often planted during an early morning run, hike up a mountain trail, or a walk along a busy downtown street. He finds beauty in everything because he takes the time to really look. By reflecting himself honestly in art, words, and life, John Kennedy finds connections. Most of Shane De Leon’s visual art was representational until around 2020, when conversations with Jon Lodge and Mary Serbe sparked his interest in abstraction and process-based work. Shane works fast with glue, paper, thread, tempera, acrylic, and ink in an improvisational state, trying to avoid conscious meaning and self-editing.