Julia-Louis Dreyfest VIII

8th Annual Julia-Louis Dreyfest music and art festival held in Billings, MT at several different venues including Kirks' Grocery.

Ty Herman and Becca DeMeyer

Ty Herman and Becca DeMeyer have a monthly series where Ty plays music and Becca paints. Come watch creativity in action


Vaporwave artist, Agnar, brings their electronic stew of nostalgic / futuristic sound collage back to Kirks'. Agnar is doing their own thing here in Billings.

South Beach All Stars

The Kirks' Grocery house band includes Curtis Thompson, Melanie Thompson, Shane de Leon, Scott Flamm and other rotating members. Watch the members float in and out while the dub inspired […]

Shane de Leon and Keller Paulsen

Shane de Leon ends his monthly summer residency at Kirks' Grocery with drummer Keller Paulsen. The duo should go from ambient soundscapes to full throttle shred. Come see why improvised […]

The ParNicularly ReNiculous Variety Show

Please Join us to celebrate in the weirdness that is The ParNicularly ReNiculous Variety Show. Nicholas Rogers, Eric Anton, and a slew of other local comics come take on all […]

Poetry Jam with Anna Paige

Poetry Jam at Kirks' Grocery | Every Fourth Wednesday Pairing words with sound, voice, instrumentation ... Presented by Anna Paige / Waste Division