Membership Options

Patron: $50 Monthly / $500 Yearly – Single Admission to all Events
Collector $150 Monthly / $1500 Yearly – Admission for Member plus 1 guest / 10% off all artwork.

All Membership fees split 50/50 between Kirks’ and our performing artists. Your membership provides a guarantee for all our performing artists.
Reservations Required to ensure a space for a show.

Working Members:
We ask you to volunteer in three hour shifts which earns a free pass to any upcoming show.
We have shifts available to run door T-FR from 7-10 pm or come in during 4-7 and do computer work, clean, cook, graphic design, hang / design flyers, do promotions, etc. We even have volunteering you can do from your own home!

How Does Volunteering Work?

We calculate an hourly rate and apply the number of hours worked toward the price of a membership which in turn grants you all the privileges of being a member. The added bonus is that you are involved on the ground level and learning valuable skills which can be utilized to further your own DIY aspirations. Win/Win!!

If you are interesting in purchasing a membership or volunteering please get in touch with us by emailing

Kirks’ Grocery would like to recognize our members and extend our deepest thank yous to our supporters:

Gordon McConnell
Damon B. Engel
Stan Parker
Anna Paige

Jon Lodge
Norma Buchanan

Isaiah Demontiney
Suny Stone Ballou
Keith Martinez
Emily Huckins
Mary Serbe
Joshua Paulsen
Ty Herman