When you become a member, not only do you get discounts and a printed copy of the Grocery List, but you also ensure that Kirks' remains a vital part of the Billings community.  Support the art, music, poetry, comedy, underground LPs, shirts, screen printing, recording, the truly weird, and The Common Good.

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Patron: $10 Monthly / $120 Yearly – 10% off all merchandise and free Grocery List Quarterly Newsletter (mailed to you).

NEW! Friend: $25 Monthly / $300 Yearly – 10% off all merchandise and free Grocery List Quarterly Newsletter (mailed to you). Thank you for paying a bit more for membership and being a friend.

Collector: $100 Monthly / $1200 Yearly – 10% off all merchandise and artwork, free Grocery List Quarterly Newsletter (mailed to you), option to use Kirks’ AV studio, silk screening, and art facilities (by appointment).

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Support Kirks’ Grocery with a donation for any amount. It helps us to keep doing everything we do.

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Why Become a Kirks’ Grocery Business Member?

Kirks’ is Downtown, South Side, Old School, and next wave Billings. We are reaching out to businesses who are also part of the trajectory of revitalizing downtown and the South Side while building an even better Billings.

What Are the Benefits of Kirks’ Grocery Business Membership?
Kirks’ Grocery will run your ad in our critically acclaimed newsletter, The Grocery List, published 4 times per year. We currently have over 130 patron members who have the Grocery List mailed to them plus copies are picked up at Kirks’ and other locations.

You will receive 10 printed copies of The Grocery List to distribute at your business.

Kirks’ will mention you in our social media up to 3 times per month.

Kirks’ will cross-promote with you on your events.

Be part of Kirks’ 4th Anniversary Bash in October 2022. Set up a little booth, put up a banner, let us know how you would like to stand out at our biggest Kirks’-centered event of the year.

Business owner receives free Kirks’ personal Patron level membership, entitling you to a 10% discount on all merchandise except fine art and more.


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As of December 2023

 Business Member:

Aunt Dofe’s 

Art House Cinema & Pub/Babcock

Hansen Music

The Pub Station


Norma Buchanan

Damon Engel

Gordon McConnell




Melodie Snyder


Adam Ostlund

Amanda Addy

Andy Rahn

Andy Ezell

Angela Yorke

Ann Geracimos

Anna Paige

Ashley Woodward

Bess Lovec

Burke Nathan

Camille Sauers

Candace Forette

Carol Green

Chris Woolston

Christie Baken

CW Runcorn

Dennis Andis

Forrest Adams

Hayley Kemmick

Holly Cremer

Jackie Emery (always!)

Jackson McMurrey

Jamie Smith

Jane & Terry Indreland

Jason Jam

Jay & Kathy Schmidt

Jennifer Corning

Jennifer Randall

Jessica K Ruhle

Jodi Lightner

John Kennedy

John Smillie

Joseph Schultz

Julia Ramsey

Julie Brown

Juni Clark

Julie Brown

Kate Brandt

Keith Martinez

Kendra Carter

Kincaid Day

Korey Doll

Larry Dillon

Lee Belcourt-Lowe

Lee Hancock

Linda Le Mire

Linda Snider

Mandy Hansen


Martha Stahl

Martha Meier

Mary Serbe

Meggan Glidehaus

Melanie & Curtis Thompson

Mika Yoshitake

Mike Lawler

Milo Herbert

Molly Oeullette

Nancy Halter

Naomi Keehn

Nate Levine

Nathan Chaput

Nicholas Rogers

Nichole Lund

Owen McMichael

Paisley Schwartz

Pari Kimmick

Parker Brown

Patience Melton

Rachel Larson Long

Ralph Studer

Ramona McConnell

Reed Sutton

Renee Audette

Robin Earles

Sara Guilford

Sara Wright

Scott Flamm

Sean Chandler

Seth Schelin

Shawna Hartnett

Sherri Cornett

Sondra Daly

Starrlene Love

Stephen Haraden

Susan Barnett

Suny Stone

Tricia Opstad

Willem Volkersz