MIXX is a group of regional artists that first exhibited together in January 2007. Membership has ebbed and flowed; all but one of the members is in this show. Jane Waggoner Deschner, Mark Earnhart, Lillie Grace, Jodi Lightner, Tracy Linder, Jon Lodge, Gordon McConnell, Neltje, Keeara Rhoades, and Patrick Smith.

Ellen Kuntz - Women's Work
Jodi Lightner - Untitled Village
Jodi Lightner - Unconscious Structures
Pat Smith - To the Horizon
Mark Earnhardt - Presidential Seal
Pat Smith - Detail From Reckless Horizons
Jon Lodge - Oscillating Sheets of Paper (A and B) in Ostinato Sequence
Jane Wagonner Deschner - Opiods
Gordon McConnell - Navajo Joe
Tracy Linder - Lying In Repose - Mixed Media
Neltje - Holy Shit
Keeara Rhoades - “#MEMEWARFARE” (no meme can be any better than another meme unless those memes collide) Multimedia Installation
Jane Wagonner Deschner - maxim (Franklin)
Jane Wagonner Deschner - maxim (Vonnegut)
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