Creativity Explored & Kirks’ Grocery Present:

Seeing Patterns

October 2nd - November 20th 2020

Join us October 2 at Kirks’ Grocery between the hours of 3-9 pm and enjoy this collaboration between galleries, cities, and people.

Daniel Green, Bertha Otoya, Ethel Rivita, and Hung Kei Shui from San Francisco non-profit Creativity Explored come with passionate repetitions and patterned text. Kirks’ Grocery responds with Neltje, Mary Serbe, Shane de Leon, and Ellen Kuntz whose work has similar rhythms.

“I was trading zines in the early 90s and was lucky to trade with Harold Fletcher who was helping publish Whippersnapper Nerd with Creativity Explored in San Francisco. I have visited CE at least 15 times over the last 25 years and can hardly believe that Kirks’ Grocery is collaborating with this great organization that has enhanced many lives through the power and freedom of expression for all people. So here we have four Creativity Explored artists and four artists we work with at Kirks’. Knocking it out of the park again.” –Shane de Leon

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About Creativity Explored

Creativity Explored gives artists with developmental disabilities the means to create and share their work with the community, celebrating the power of art to change lives.

Our Commitment:
We are committed to supporting people with developmental disabilities in their quest to become working artists, and to promoting their work as an emerging and increasingly important contribution to the contemporary art world.

Foster Artistic Development
Creativity Explored provides a supportive studio environment for artists with developmental disabilities in which they receive individualized instruction from mentoring artists, quality art materials, and professional opportunities to exhibit their work.

Inspire Connection
Artists at Creativity Explored communicate through their art. In expressing their thoughts, emotions, experiences, and cultures to their peers, instructors, patrons, and art lovers, they also engage with a broad and supportive community.

Enhance Personal Identity
By developing a meaningful art practice and creating a body of work, Creativity Explored artists acquire an expanded sense of self, realizing their potentials, amplifying their voices, and more fully establishing themselves in the world.

Change Attitudes
At Creativity Explored, art is a captivating means of challenging and transforming assumptions about disability. The beauty, depth and humor of the work provokes fresh perspectives and fosters new regard for the personal vision and artistic ability of artists with developmental disabilities.

Lead Responsibly
Since its inception 36 years ago, Creativity Explored’s innovative and respected programs, structure, and culture have served as an organizational model worldwide in the field of art and disability. Operating with a spirit of openness and transparency, the organization recognizes that collaboration will create new and exciting opportunities for artists with developmental disabilities nationally and internationally, and will mutually benefit partnering organizations.

Our Purpose
Creativity Explored exists to provide people with developmental disabilities the opportunity to express themselves through the creation of art. Additionally, we provide studio artists the opportunity to earn income from the sale of their artwork and to pursue a livelihood as a visual artist to the fullest extent possible.
A key focus of Creativity Explored’s services is to support those individuals with developmental disabilities who wish to become self-employed artists in creating and operating fully viable and profitable businesses.