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Shane de Leon is an artist, musician, and owner of Kirks’ Grocery. His current work focuses on paper and fabric with glue, acrylic paint, glitter, trash, and watercolor, and is becoming more conceptual and sculptural.Born in Billings, MT. He has exhibited his work at The Art Institute in San Diego, and at The Goodfoot, Reading Frenzy, and Stumptown in Portland, OR. He has exhibited internationally in Varese, Italy at Villa Faraforni and Sancho Leon had a solo poster exhibition at Kirks’ Grocery in 2019 showcasing 30 years of silkscreen, letterpress, stencil, and photocopy art on posters, cd, lp, and cassette covers for bands throughout the US and European avant rock and jazz scenes. He has worked under many aliases including Starbage Hands, Starbage Can, Olive Analog, Tina Bortions, Shane de leon, Deleon King, Shane de Leon Sauers von Werssowetz, and many more.