Upcoming Exhibitions

Kirks’ small Works  “Where We Are Now”

December 2 – 24, 2022

Opening reception: Friday, December 2 (ArtWalk) 5–9 pm

Kirks’ Grocery is proud to present our second annual Kirks’ small Works exhibition. This group exhibition features art under 12” by artists from across Montana. The theme is “Where We Are Now” as we all continue to navigate unprecedented moments throughout many facets of life.


Michael Birdinground

Sandy Dvarishkis

Mark Earnhart

Robin Earles

Todd Forsgren

Shane De Leon

Jane Waggoner Deschner

Louis Habeck

Jodi Lightner

Jon Lodge

Robbie Mann

Sara Mast

Gordon McConnell

Sheila Miles

Terri Porta

Jay Schmidt

Kathryn Schmidt

Kirks' Grocery 2023 Exhibitions

February 3 – March 25: Jennifer Eli Indreland Solo Exhibition, The Haunted Part of the House
April 7 – May 13: Kirks’ Ceramics: This group exhibition will feature ceramics by cutting edge Montana artists.  
June 2 – July 22: Gordon McConnell Solo Exhibition
August 4 – September 23: Marla Goodman Solo Exhibition
October 6 – November 18:Exhibition To Be Announced
December 1 – 23: Kirks’ small Works: Our 3rd annual installment of this annual exhibition.